If you’re sending dozens of emails as day, as most of us are, take advantage of this simple means of driving potential customers to your Stik.com profile.

Add your unique URL (http://www.stik.com/INSERTNAME) to your signature line and encourage the people you interact with to view and add to your recommendations.

The recommendations and reviews you’ve received from your customers will speak volumes to those considering enlisting your service. So make that connection easy for them.

Scroll through these screenshots to see how I did it.


For Microsoft Outlook users, the steps are easy:

  • Click “Tools” in the top toolbar and select “Options…” from drop-down menu
  • Choose the “Mail Format” tab at the top
  • In that box, click on “Signatures…” box at the bottom right
  • Choose to create a new signature by clicking, “New…”
  • Enter a name for your new signature, like “standard,” and click Next
  • In the next window, choose “Advanced Edit…”
  • In the Word document that opens, add your desired text with link to your Stik.com profile:
    • Highlight text and click insert
    • Select “Hyperlink…” or hit Ctrl+K
    • Enter your Stik.com profile URL in the Address field and click OK
  • Click “Save” and go back to Outlook
  • Click OK in the “Create Signature” box
  • Back in the “Mail Format” of options, be sure to choose whatever you named your new signature as under “Signature for new messages.”

When you compose a new email, the signature will automatically appear.

Stik to who know!

Nathan Labenz
Stik.com Co-Founder
Visit me at Stik.com

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